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Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang Mysteries’ Hits Evil Corp!

Jinkies! They’re on the case!

Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang Mysteries, a play by Eric Pliner and Amy Rhodes, is making a grand return! Formerly preformed at Tugun Theatre, the show is being given the Site Specific Theatre treatment in a new venue; Brisbane’s

Evil Corp: Haunted Attractions and Maze, for Anywhere Festival 2024!

With the cast of Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang Mysteries back, rehearsals are underway! These mystery busters are having the time of their lives re-entering the world of mystery solving.

The show promises to be full of cackles, double entendres, and some dirty jokes, but the rehearsal room is even more fun to be apart of! Between trying different accents, to incorporating new jokes to falling over couches to “get a feel for the space”, its safe to say this gang is happy to be back.

There’s no shortage of laughs around rehearsals these days, not with this crazy bunch back at it again! There’s no such thing as silence, not when everyone has a joke to crack, an idea to test out, or a story to spill. Being such a close-knit group, the cast of Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang

Mysteries are more than just a group of actors; they’re a family. And that family isn’t complete without its leader, the director, Nathan Schulz.

After a brief stint working on another show, Spooky Dog’s director Nathan Schulz as returned and is ready to whip these guys into shape! His mind is whirling as more and more ideas come to mind, giving plenty for the actors to play

around with and see what works.

As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked, especially when it comes to this gang of


For those new to Spooky Dog and the Teenage gang Mysteries, the show follows the gang of mystery-solvers, Ted, Tiffany, Thelma, Scraggly and their ‘Great Dane detective’ Spooky Dog, as they try to find their friend, a surprise celebrity, whose gone missing right before their show at Creepola County County Fair! Between mysterious phantoms, heightened sexual emotions, hot dogs, and a fortune teller, the gang are going to need to work together to find their friend and solve the mystery of the fair. But will they succeed?

Sounds serious, but rest assured, this show is anything but! Audiences will be in for a treat when they see the new-and improved gang they grew up watching and loving, only this

time with way more sexual chemistry, and even crazier antics.

Will Ted finally tell Tiffany how he feels? Will Thelma discover who she is? And what is up with Scraggly and Spooky? Only one way to find out!

While these young detectives are on the case, they need YOU to help them solve it! Because no mystery is solved without some witnesses.

Are you willing to brave Evil Corp in the

name of justice and giggles?

Get ready for the Spooky Dog gang to make you fall out of your seats from laughing, and watch out for the mysterious Phantom of Creepola County County Fair!

The show has a limited season run and can be seen on 24th, 26th, 27th July from 7:00pm to 830pm with a matinee on 27th from 2:00pm.

Tickets can be purchased on

Drinks will be available for purchase at Evil Corps bar!

Marina C

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