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The Spooky Dog Files #1 Zoinks! Here we go again!

Back in the rehearsal room, things are getting exciting!

Director Nathan Schulz has entered full “director” mode, mocking up the location as close to Evil Corp’s outlay and explaining how he wants the actors to use the space.

With the return of one cast member from a brief hiatus to do another show, the energy this week was even higher than during the last rehearsal, if you can believe it! The gang are in fits of giggles as ideas are spun wild and celebrity impressions are attempted.

But Schulz is taking no crap or messing around from his actors, pulling their focus back whenever they get too distracted by each other and their jokes (which is often!)

It’s all in good fun, and from watching on the side, Schulz’s proves his directorial style is more relaxed, as he allows the actors more freedom, giving them free reign to use the space and re-embrace their characters, pulling them back if they go too far. But with this show, is there such thing as too far?

Schulz is a director who knows what he wants from his actors, but that isn’t to say he isn’t open to suggestions. His mind works at lighting speed as he pieces things together and slots in recommendations and ideas from the cast.

Nor is he afraid to play up the eroticism and chaotic nature of the characters, directing the cast, who are all consenting adults, to play their characters even hornier than they already are. Watching everyone try to keep a straight face as they pretended to be reaching orgasm looked to be quite difficult!

If you thought your Saturday morning cartoons were fun, this show will prove what REAL entertainment is. Schulz is a king in comedy, and this show will leave you laughing your asses off!

The show has a limited season run and can be seen on 24th, 26th, 27th July from 7:00pm to 830pm with a matinee on 27th from 2:00pm.

Tickets can be purchased on

Drinks can be purchased at The Evil Corp Bar

Marina C

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