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Halloween Horrors - Killer Cats

Free your ears and dive into a spine-tingling world of Halloween horror audio productions, on the house!


As a free subscriber, you can get in on the action early next time.


First up, "Killer Cat" tells the tale of a man who faces deadly revenge from his late aunt's furry friend. This story is perfect for fans of Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat, with elements of horror and suspense. But that's not all!

Starting from October 16th, you can also listen to "The Squaw" by Bram Stoker - a classic horror story about a mother cat seeking revenge for her kitten's death. The audio is even edited to sound like it's playing from a vintage gramophone, making it even spookier.

And on October 23rd, you won't want to miss "The Vampire Cat" - a bone-chilling short audio story based on a real letter from 1936. Get ready to be whisked away to a world of feline terror!


Can't wait to listen? You can preview “The Squaw” and “The Vampire Cat” for 30 seconds and pay what you think they're worth to download and listen. So, plug in your headphones and get ready for a frightfully good time!


Joseph Payne

Brennen, Bram Stoker, Lord Hallifax



Vocal Talent

Nathan Schulz


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