The Quest of Prince Leonardo (The Late...)

On Monday night I got the chance to sit in on final dress and tech, of Tugun Theatre's latest production, of The Quest for Prince Leonardo (The Late...).

Ever since I learnt about Fractured Fairytales from Rocky & Bullwinkle re-runs and my Drama classes at school, I've always had a soft spot for Fractured Fairytales, and I found this a very funny fractured fairytale musical with some adult innuendo thrown into it.

Written by tweed local Jim Fury, who also composed original songs, this locally written musical is about Prince Leonardo, a little known fairytale character, who is sent on a noble quest by his father King Eric and Queen Cornelia to find himself a beautiful princess bride.

The songs are enjoyable to listen to, and have a fairytale feel about them. Some of the titles include "Sweet Nothings", "I'm off on a quest" & "There's alotta work to do". But my favorite song is "Pluck a duck" which I've found myself humming every now and then.The cast all have fun in their roles, bringing Jim Fury's characters & story to life, and there are definately a few laughs and chuckles.

The wonderful thing about community theatre is you get to see local writers take a chance on showing off their work. It takes alot of courage to put your work out there for audience's to see, and give you feedback, and this show is a good night's entertainment. The cast all have fun in their roles, bringing Jim Fury's characters & story to life.

The show is having it's premiere tonight at Tugun Theatre and runs until Nov 30. Tickets can be found on trybooking and more info on

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