Interview with Special Guests on The Radioplay Hour: Auras like Auroras.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

In a previous blog I mentioned that I was going to use The Radioplay Hour as a vehicle to give local musicians a platform to showcase their musical skills and original work, in an easy listening capacity.

So I would like to introduce Cat Deller and Sean Millar, the duo who make up Auras like Auroras, our special guests on The Radioplay Hour: Candy Matson and The Cable Car Murder.

Photo: Stefano Bolomey Denegri

Not only will they be performing their music on the show, but will also lend their vocals to a couple of characters.

Being fellow creatives, I asked them the following questions as an introduction to the Duo.

Q1. Do you both think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

We think it's a combination of both. Inspiration itself has no rules. Especially as an artist, you can attain inspiration from anywhere at anytime. And so it goes with the material that inspiration might create. There's no "one-way." Some pieces of art you're a beacon where the creativity flows through you and it can feel like you're literally just another instrument in the process. Some of the best songs ever written happened in 5 minutes...

Others take weeks and months of pushing and tears. This, my friends, is art...

Q2.How would you describe the music that you create?

We're both people who can write in a few genres, but if we're gonna talk about our new stuff, we're trying to forge the music into dark, messy-but-not-dirty, sexy, fun and badass but commercial enough and relatable enough for people who stay away from that naugtier side of art to still enjoy. We're basically your favourite villains playing messy-haired-heavy-blues.

Q3. Do you strive to be unique in your creative endeavours? Please explain.

We think unless you're striving for a particular genre or you want to be put in the same category as say one of your favourite bands, we believe we're all trying to be unique. In 2020 we're all still trying to cross magical combinations of genres that have never been well executed before. We're all trying to break new ground. We think if we're just the best version of ourselves we can be, and if we can keep ourselves feeling fresh, entertained and inventive and as long as we don't bore ourselves, that's all we're really trying to do. Other than that the opinion of us being unique or not, we'll hand over to the eyes and ears watching and listening...

Q4. What is your creative process like?

Oooh, that's a tough one. All depends on the song or the project. Sometimes it's lyrics and vocal patterns first. Other times it's a riff first. Other times it's literally just an idea you would like to form into something. No matter how it starts though, it begins with one of those ideas or methods and the rest is built on that foundation...

Q5. Who inspires you musically?

For Cat it's: Seanny Millar (cringe but it's true), other than that it's bands like Soundgarden, Baby Animals, a hundred other metal bands, and most recently bands like Dorothy, Highly Suspect, Reignwolf and bands in that category. These are subject to change of course.

For Seanny it's: Cat Deller (also cringey but true) and then basically Rap, Metal and Rock. Then past that I will literally be inspired by anything I find inspiring. I watched a video of Jesse J singing the other day and I took vast inspiration from her performance in that. Like we said before, inspiration has no rules...

This is also subject to change...

Q6. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

For Cat: It Seanny. So that's why we're starting this band. Beyond that would have been Chris Cornell. So Seanny will have to do... hah!

For Seanny: It's Cat, so the same answer there. And beyond that Seanny would love to collaborate with Eminem, Korn, Staind and Adam from Three Days Grace. Linkin Park would be a good fit as well seeing as their singer is in heaven with Mr. Cornell...

Q7. If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Safe to say they'd be similar answers as the last question, but it's worth saying that the official list of artists we'd callabotate with or open for would be quite long. We both like a LOT of different music.

Q8. What is one message you would give to other creatives following their dreams?

Cat joked, "Don't do it..." And I think it's worth saying even if it's half joking with her tongue firmly in cheek. The reason this is her first and immediate response is because it's tough. Way tougher than you think. A wise man once said, "it's a long way to the top." And that doesn't just apply to rock n roll. It applies to art itself. It's all or nothing. So if you're not prepared to have the best AND WORST times of your life for your art.

Don't do it...

Q9. What’s next for you both?

What's next is writing this album and getting out there to perform it. That's what's next for Auras like Auroras. Cat will still do theatre and acting and Seanny is just getting into acting and screen and he's also got a solo rap/rock album dropping next year, plus he's a full time covers artist. So in short, as usual... a lot. Hah!

Q10. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Seanny says Mint-Berry-Crunch with Bacon Bits, which honestly is a hat tip to the South Park Super Hero Mint-Berry-Crunch, and even though it's stolen it's pretty Damn accurate. The mint is the freshness. The Berry is the sweetness and the nutrition and the crunch is the attitude. And as for the bacon? We plan to sound tasty as fuck. And even vegans like the smell of bacon. So with a lot of thought and some extensive elaboration. That's our flavour...

To follow what Auras like Auroras is up to you can visits Seany's Facebook page

Hopefully this little interview has inspired you, the reader. Keep an eye out today for the next interview with photographer Catalina Garzon, who was our second photographer from Entrepreneur Education.

Final thoughts

Inspiration & knowledge can be found amongst the people who live in our communities, bringing their dreams to life. And Cat and Sean had a great pearl wisdom, even if it was said jokingly:

“if you're not prepared to have the best AND WORST times of your life for your art. Don't do it"

Being creative & following your dreams will be tough, you cannot have the good without the bad, as you put yourself on the line time & time again. You must have a strong sense of trust in yourself & belief in your own opinions and instincts, as you persist with determination in the face of obstacles and opposition.

I, myself, can tell you that when people have been opposed to my creative ideas in the past, be it onstage or off, that’s when I knew that the challenge I had set for myself was bold enough to attempt. Then I've stuck to it, working at it until it is done and done right, finding ways around obstacles and never giving up or listening to the nay sayers.

As mentioned by Seanny “its a long way to the top" , this saying is very true - it is a long way! But you will learn a lot about yourself, and the courage you have, as you persevere and remain committed to your goals, and being the person that tries instead of not trying at all.

So, I end this blog with the following question:

Do you have the courage to remain committed to your dreams, no matter the obstacles that will stand between you and your dreams?

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