Last night, after a very busy week & day, my partner and I travelled up to the Brisbane Power House Museum to see DIE HARD. THE MOVIE. THE PLAY by Act/React Theatre.

The show didn't disappoint and was a great night out with some well deserved laughs. The audience interaction and wit/talent/creativity of cast made the event an absolute experience bringing, perhaps one of my favorite action movies to life. My personal favorite was the live "movie" Foley work that didn't subtract but added to the whole experience..

Act/React is a Brisbane-based company specialising in pop culture-inspired performances, interactive and site-specific theatre and comedy, and I will admit, as a fellow creative, last night's work did inspire me... after all that's what I think true theatre is about.

As an Average Joe going, looking for something to do and wanting a good night out at the theatre with some interaction... Act/React is definately worth the admission price and keeping an eye out for their next shows.

More details about Act/React go to:


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