What is the Radioplay Hour

The Radioplay Hour is a retro audio adventure that transports audiences back to the 1930-50’s when radio was at the heart of family life. 


Think of this show as an audio book performed live before your very ears, with a visual and interactive 

component, which includes music from the period, old fashion ads and news broadcast from the period as the show airs “live” on the radio and the "studio audience” are be privy to the visual aid of the director, performers and sound effects team. Making it a personally involving and a welcomed escape to the past.

Would you like the radioplay hour to come to you? 

Are you an events co-coordinator looking for a different kind of entertainment for your function?

Perhaps you work in aged care and looking and looking for some mid-morning entertainment for residents? Why not give The Drama Merchant a call to be part of his Radio play season or how it can work into your event.

Note: Preece House Images, for "war of the worlds"

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