I call myself The Drama Merchant,

I am a travelling theatre practitioner whose intimate, immersive stage shows, along with my sound effect & creative play workshops, ignite the imagination, and inspire creativity.

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Candy Matson and the Cable Car Murder - featuring Auras Like Auroras

When a man riding next to Candy Matson on a cable car is silently shot and killed, Candy does not know him from Adam and is considered a suspect!  The only thing for her to do is to investigate herself!


In this episode you will also hear Giles Pendlebury interview our guests, before debuting their song, “Blue like the Blue Sky”. They will also perform a cover of “Stop dragging my heart around” originally written by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks

The Radiospin Show

Written by Douglas A. Kennedy

The Radio Spin Show was created for no sensible reason, other than to give the author, and regular Radioplay Hour collaborator, D. A. Kennedy a bit of a giggle.


It is a spoof on journalism featuring news, fake news, interviews, talk back, and a few other surprises along the way.


Supporting his work, and giving it a platform, The Drama Merchant is proud to help bring to this local work, as short podcasts, over the coming months, as he workshops the idea with D.A. Kennedy.


Audio Theatre

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