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The Thrill of the Supernatural: 2:22 a ghost story & The Foxes of Hydesville

Updated: Nov 21

Let's begin with a stage show that sure make people talk about their belief in the supernatural and enjoy a roller coaster of a show

STAGE: PLAY: 2:22 A Ghost Story

As an avid fan of ghost stories and the supernatural, I have read countless works and true accounts of hauntings. Despite my familiarity with the genre, I find it rare for a production or adaptation to genuinely scare or unnerve me.

However, in 2004 I saw a production of The Woman in Black, based on Susan Hill's story and adapted for the stage, which left a lasting impression on me and still holds the top spot on my list of spine-tingling productions.

Recently, a new addition has joined this elite list- 2:22, written by Danny Robins While I did guess where it was leading midway, the journey to get there was thoroughly & absolutely enjoyable with an ending that still gave me goosebumps. I had a great time watching the engaging performances of the cast and found the balance of humor, drama and supernatural elements to be just right.

In my opinion, the strength of a ghost story or supernatural tale lies in the storyteller's ability to create a sense of mystery, scepticism & urgency, that allows you, the audience, to be sucked in and intrigued, and Danny Robins certainly delivered in this regard with his script which made 2:22 definitely my cup of tea and worth the $675 flights to melbourne, or $75 dollar ticket if you live there.

I believe the fun you'll have watching this ghost story unfold is a testament to Danny Green's script which also has a psychological and scientific aspect I found similar to his podcast Uncanny, that gives the script an educational edge about the science of fear and perception in regards to supernatural happenings! Many of the onstage conversations I've actually had with my wife who is a sceptic!

Matthew Dunster's direction, Anna Fleischle's haunting and realistic set design, as well as Lucy Carter's lighting, Ian Dickinson's sound design, and Chris Fisher's illusions – all contribute to the success of this thrilling ghost story.

Remmy Hii, Daniel McPherson, Ruby Rose and Gemma Ward's portrayal of their characters were both compelling and amusing, offering a perfect balance of tension and humor. I won't say more – as it will spoil the show and you'll just have to watch it yourself and enjoy the ride until 2:22!

I would definitely have another cup of this particular tea, if the show could be housed in a Brisbane or Gold Coast location, or if I had enough money to fly back down and take the ride again before the season finishes.

And if your tastes are similar to mine when it comes to the supernatural I would recommend you seeing it too.

2:22 Season runs until 20th August, at Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne. And for more information and tickets you can visit

Coincidently if you want to hear more of Danny Green's work you can find his supernatural podcast Uncanny, and two other features The Battersea Poltergeist & The Witch Farm on Spotify or BBC sounds.


Which leads us to our next thrilling supernatural experience heard as a podcast/audiodrama

PODCAST: The Foxes of Hydesville

The Foxes of Hydesville is a great 9-episode audio drama inspired by the true story of the Fox Sisters, as it charts their rise to fame as infamous mediums in the 19th century.

The audio drama leans more into the supernatural elements of the sisters' story, with great sound design that creates a haunting atmosphere for the listener. There were times whilst listening on my headphones, whilst I was wiping down tables during an office clean, that it actually spooked me into thinking I actually heard something in the empty office!

I do like it when podcasts / audio dramas can do this, which is one of the reasons why it was my cup of tea.

Apart from the supernatural aspect, the audio drama also has a fast and humorous pace, which kept me engaged and wanting to hear more. At times I was left wondering if I actually heard 30mins before the credits started to roll for the next episode.

The vocal performances are outstanding, with Carey Mulligan's character, Leah Fox, standing out as a favorite due to her sarcasm, brutual honesty and manipulation skills dealing with her family and 19th Century prejudices against women. The script is engaging & genuinely funny, making it a well-rounded experience as Leah Fox tells her story in the first person.

Overall, The Foxes of Hydesville podcast offers a fast paced enjoyable cup of tea that blends supernatural elements with humor and great vocal performances and you can find it on Spotify or Qcode media

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