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For the cost of a movie ticket you can help Good Time Theatrics!

“It's a musical for dreamers who, despite all odds, keep going. For others, it gives a real insight into the struggles of an artist.” – The Music

I've had the pleasure of watching Good Time Theatrics' performances of an all female cast of "The Pillowman" and a chilling production of "Awakenings" (which still sits in my mind) and am always excited to support their shows and talented team.

Kurtis Laing, the creative director of Good Time Theatrics, along with the collective, are uniting the finest up-and-coming artists in the Australian arts scene this July. They are collaborating with the Old Fitz Theatre in Woolloomooloo to present Jonathan Larson's semi-autobiographical musical gem "Tick, Tick...Boom!"

Tick, Tick... Boom! - Jonathan Larson's semi-autobiographical love letter to musical theatre - is a story where creativity soars at the expense of all else. Delve into the intense journey of a passionate composer chasing his dreams amidst the relentless pulse of New York City's Broadway. In Tick, Tick... Boom!, the pursuit of artistic excellence takes center stage, illuminating the exhilarating highs and gut-wrenching lows of a life consumed by passion.

Be sure to join Good Time Theatrics, July 16 - 26, for a performance that echoes Larson's own legacy. An often hilarious, at times haunting reminder of the power of creativity and the sacrifices it demands. And on that note of creativity & sacrifice, many creatives make great sacrifices to bring their passion to life and its hear Kurtis, and his producers Jo Bradley, Tessa Olsson, along myself are asking for your help.

Creating theatrical experiences can be quite expensive, particularly for musicals, whether in community theatre, independent productions, or professional shows. Many may not realize that ticket costs, though they can be high for some, are crucial for producers to recover expenses and support future projects.

Various expenses are involved in producing a musical:

  • Performance rights, artist fees, costumes, and rehearsal space rental are essential production costs.

  • Marketing and promotion constitute significant expenses in a musical's budget.

  • Set design and construction, especially for elaborate sets in large productions, can be a major expense.

  • Lighting, sound, and special effects are essential for the immersive experience of a musical but can also significantly raise the budget.

  • Hiring musicians or licensing pre-recorded music tracks can be another costly aspect of musical production.

  • Insurance costs for performance and rehearsal liabilities are necessary but often overlooked expenses.

  • Administrative expenses, such as hiring a production team, financial management, and obtaining permits, are crucial for a successful production but can add up quickly.

Not every production company receives government grants to cover these costs. Your support can help Good Time Theatics deliver an exceptional performance with your contributions, whether big or small, to assist in covering these expenses.

Consider that while we are willing to spend money at the cinema, redirecting your support to Good Time Theatics can allow them to focus on creating a show that is not only worth watching but also an investment you can be proud of!

To help Good Time Theatics bring to life their creative vision for Tick...Tick... Boom! Be sure to contribute via the Australian Cultural Fund by clicking here and keep a watch on Good Time Theatrics and Old Fitz Theatre social media for more updates!

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