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Run Time: 

30:00 minutes

The Radioplay Hour’s second show of the year is "The Fat Man in Murder is the Medium". In this episode The Fat Man investigates a shady rug dealer & his psychic wife.



About the FAT MAN:

Please Note: This episode was filmed before quarantine measures ramped up, and border closures between QLD & NSW had come into effect. So unfortunately, there is no live musical numbers or sound effects in this episode as it was a race against time to get this done in the safest way possible.

Douggies Dialouges Intro - The Fat Man
1954 News - Who is Australia's Fat Man?
1954 News - The comic book Murderer

                  (in order of appearance) 


Peta Simeon - Announcer / Angela

Magen Seymour Smith - The Fat Man

Kent Lee - Mr. Oscar Reynard - Meek Husband / Mr. Pouissan - cultured rug dealer. 

Paola Zamora Jojot - Mrs Harriet Pouissan - Wealthy wife / Salah the medium and Pouissan'wife


Interval monologue - 

Charlotte Dennis Seymour-Smith - Little Miss Muffet* 

*Monologue from Famous Fantasy Character Monologues written by Rebecca Young

The Cast: 

Live Musical accompaniment

Musicians were unavailable during the time of filming.


All music in this episode is done by Kevin McLeod




PG - Please be advised this news item has mature themes and disturbing content.