Find a dark room & a set of ear phones,or a quiet place & wait until the sun

goes down...

To listen, or watch, as our narrator, via a gramophone, tells the story of her cycling holidaying in France, a deserted chateau and a supernatural coat with a shadow performing live sound effects! 

About The Author

Author A. E. D. Smith, was a civil servant by profession who served in the Dardanelles, Egypt, and the Balkan’s during World War I.


He would later contributed a number of short stories to magazines and literary periodicals. The Coat, which was based on a vivid dream, first appeared in the anthology Powers of Darkness in 1934 and remains one of the most memorable ghost stories of its time. 


Tahlia has been gracing both screen and stage as a professional actress for the last 8 years since her graduation from QUT in 2012. Having recently wrapped in principle photography on her 7th feature film, Tahlia is focusing her attention on screenwriting while she works diligently on relocating to the USA to further pursue her career.

"Given the challenges of COVID19 right restricting live performances and getting people together I could not revisit this concept, so I decided to trial an idea that I have had for this story for some time continuing the audio-visual storytelling aspect and submitting it to Anywhere Festival and UQ Online Theatre Festival"

Read the blog about the putting this performance together, as a workshop / trial run to something bigger planned in the future.

Behind  the  scene