Steel Magnolias

A show that will touch the hearts of anyone who finds joy in the little things in life


A show that will touch the hearts of anyone who finds joy in the little things in life.

In June 2022, The Drama merchant will produce and local community stalwart Barry Gibson will direct a heart-warming story of love, wit and a whole lot of soul with Robert Harling’s classic 1987 play ‘Steel Magnolias’.

The stage is set in the US state of Louisiana where certified beauty expert Truvy Jones owns and spends her time in the her local salon with her 5 other friends, M’Lynn Eatenton and her confident daughter Shelby, strong yet ill-tempered neighbour Ousier, kind- hearted companion Clairee Belcher and local newcomer and apprentice Anelle Dupuy. Throughout the play we see these strong independent women over the course of three years, sharing stories, gossiping and discussing their personal struggles within their families and their small Southern community.

Barry Gibson pays a theatrical ode to strong willed women no matter what age, whether they be young or the mature elderly. The history of the piece dates back from audiences of the late 80’s yet still holds up for modern audiences today. As this piece was a personal requiem for playwright Robert Harling’s sister, it is no doubt a tearjerker and a sentimental piece of work for those who hold family close to their hearts. Gibson uses the perfect mix of comedy and dramatic elements to make light of serious situations throughout the play and also uses sassy satire to his advantage to make the show enjoyable for all. The show itself will be performed at a secret location with the possibility of live music accompaniment. The entirety of the show will also be set within the salon, spanning over 4 scenes, making for a close-knit connection with audiences and adding familiarity to the surroundings, as if you were really there hanging with “the gals”.


Stay tuned, for the cast of this show has yet to be disclosed.


The season run for the show is from June 14th-17th of 2022, leaving plenty of time for the cast to prepare for the show as well as audiences to purchase their tickets and receive more details on the show as the rehearsals progress. In the meantime, more info will slowly be available to those wanting to know more about the show on The Drama Merchant and Theatre Company website.

This show will touch the hearts of anyone who finds joy in the little things in life and wants a show with both laughter and sincerity. A comedic drama such as this will surely be talked about long after it has finished. This show will surely be one to remember with the girlfriends.