Spooky Dog

The story of the rag tag mystery teens with their goofy dog... but not how you remember it.


Spooky Dog’

The story of the rag tag mystery teens with their goofy dog... but not how you remember it.

The final show of 2022’s intimate season, once again directed by The Drama Merchant is chilling, as well as thrilling, in this spooky rendition of our favourite sleuthing teenage team, paying hilarious homage to the classic Saturday morning cartoon...but with a twist!

Comedic playwrights Eric Pilner and Amy Rhodes hilariously acclaimed stage play ‘Spooky Dog and the Teen-Age Gang Mysteries’ sheds a rather playful and uproarious light on the mystery gang we know from our childhoods, showing us our favourite characters, the drug induced hippie, the macho blonde, the dorky know-it-all, the feminine fashion diva and of course their speech impared dog, in numerous shenanigans that are definitely for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. Spooky dog and the gang embark on a mission to save a missing celebrity that has been mysteriously reported missing from a county fair. Throughout their endeavours they come face-to-face with comical characters, venture through dangerous and awkward situations and also struggle to come to terms with their burning sexual desires. These quirky teens are determined to solve the mystery and unmask the antagonist before the day is up, but for these meddling kids and their dog, that might be better said than done.

The show will also be accompanied by a  9-piece band following the spooky gang, playing live music to further elevate the thrills and chills of the event and positioning the audience members as if they were watching the cartoon itself. The secret location of the show is still yet to be revealed to the public nearing the show's release; what we do know is that the play will be presented intimately inside the venue as to match the eerie vibe of the play


The array of cast members to take part in The Drama Merchant’s upcoming play have already participated in a number of local theatre groups and companies on the Gold Coast, displaying their wide range of capabilities and skills for comedic and satirical acting. With The Drama Merchant continuing to plan ahead for his 2022 season run, that leaves us viewers plenty of time to receive the inside scoop on his other shows soon approaching.


Spooky dog and the rest of the gang will be hitting the stage with a season run from October 27th-31st of next year, just in time for Halloween!

With it’s witty, crude humor as well as its incredibly farce storytelling this show is sure to split your sides and question your childhood heroes. This is definitely a show you don’t want to bring the kids along to.