The Imaginasium

The Drama Merchant would like to support local creative artists and has created The Imaginasium as a platform to hold a “workshop performance” of their work in its modest form. Using “Live feeds” on social media or audio formats, like a podcasts or radio plays, The Imaginasium is a testing ground for playwrights & storytellers to gauge audience reaction. 


If you are interested in submitting, please contact via email.

1st September 2019


Radio Spin

A podcast written by D.A. Kennedy

Radio Spin is a 6-episode satirical podcast series, written by Gold Coast local, D.A. Kennedy and produced by The Drama Merchant.

Set in a fictional location called Spin City. Radio Spin is a station, run by amateurs, and devoted to the individual’s right to free expression; no matter what that expression happens to be. Listeners tuning in think it’s a Coast station and their Coast listeners think it’s a city station, but most people think of it as the audio equivalent to Bris31 when you manage to tune into it.


In this first episode you will hear local news about Orifice Awareness Month, International Fake news and the M.O.P. report; where The Man of the People interviews playwright, academic and self-confessed thought- smith Colin Craftsman on his seminal 6 hr stage play "Picnic" and new book "Agatha Christie: The crime queen who didn't dun it"

Vocal talents include: (in order of appearance)

Jenna Baker: La La Muchmore                                              Kit SivyerRob Roundabout & Ricky Roman

Nathan SchulzCommander Surrender & Gran Mad         Michael BeardThe Man of the People         Barry Gibson:  Colin Craftsman


"Cheery Monday", "Modern Jazz Samba", "Whiskey on the Mississippi", "Glitter Blast, Garden Music"  by Kevin MacLeod (

 License: CC BY (


19th December 2018

The Goldfish

An odd radioplay by Kit Sivyer

Vocal talent include: (In order of appearance) 

Deakin Folk - The Writer                                                       Peta Simeon -The Artist,     

Jenna Baker - The House-sitter                                          Dave Fraser - Orson Welles Impersonator & The Priest          

David Austin  - The Detective                                               Kit Sivyer & The Drama Merchant - Random cameo's,     


All music is by Kevin McLeod (, License: CC BY (