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Readers Theatre Class

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.” ― Robin Moore


I'd like to introduce you to the readers' theatre. Readers theatre is a form of theatre in which performers read a script from a book or printed paper. You don’t have to be a born actor to try readers theatre! All you need is the ability & interest in reading, In this class participants do not memorize lines or act out the scenes, but instead are familiar with the story as they read the “script” in an expressive, engaging way. It can be used in educational settings to help students develop fluency, intonation, expression, and other language arts skills. It can also be used in community settings to create a shared experience and bring people together. So, if you're looking for an engaging way for your teens to explore language, literature, and theatre, give readers theatre a try! How Does it Work? Classes will be maximum of 6 people per class and will run for 1. 5hrs, involving drama games to help develop teamwork, vocal exercise, storytelling techniques & sound effects. The smaller class allows for efficiency in decision-making, group focus, and a healthy teacher-student rapport. The longer class time gives us the opportunity to focus on individual needs of students, as well as the group work, and provide more rehearsal times for our showcase as participants practise “the script” together in order to familiarise themselves with their words, actions and sound effects. End of term performance An audio recording of group work, involving music & sound will be done and hosted on The Drama Merchant website, followed by a public reading that will involve minimal lighting effects, music, live sound effects and some audience participation. Cost: $345p.p. for 1 class $645 for the choice of 2 classes

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