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G.A.R - Sound effect workshop             Runtime: 45min   

Cost $25.00p.p.                                Audience size: 30 - 120+

Deposit (non-refundable):  $150.00

Podcasting is all the rave right now, but it’s nothing new. Between the 1920s & 1950s radio was king of our grandparents the living room.  


In this interactive workshop performance, participates will be introduced to this piece of history before creating sound effects, onstage and off, to be included into 4 mini radio dramas that will be heard via a radio set up in the performance space!

Sound effects include a propeller aeroplane, ticking clocks, horses and trains, heat rays guns, explosions, thunder, rain, and a steam train.


G.A.R. workshop / performance              Runtime:          75min

Cost: $61.70p.p.                                   Audience Size: 30 - 210

Make it a true evening before the radio and include live music and a photographer / videographer to film and capture the experience.

Workshop can be also be split up into 10minute segments & perform through out event or function.


The Radioplay Hour - LIVE                           Runtime:        90minute

Cost: $52.99p.p                                       Audience size: 40 - 200

The Radioplay Hour - Live involves actors, musicians and the sound effect artists as The Drama Merchant recreates a 1940/50's radio broadcast where the audience an choose to watch and participate in creating the sound effects & the “behind the scenes” antics, or, you can just close your eyes and listen to the audio show.


Either way this show has created an experience that is a fun & engaging experience for all ages.  

The following shows can include up to 4 people participating as “radio actors” with our cast


Around the world in 80 days

Treasure Island

Christmas Editions:                   

A Christmas Carol

Miracle on 34th Street 


Silent Stage exclusive performance *MORE INFO COMING SOON*

Do you have an unused space that could house a private exclusive event? Do you have an empty warehouse? Sporting facility? Airbnb or restaurant? Perhaps a backyard?


Looking for a different kind of entertainment for a corporate event or function?

Then silent stage is what you’re looking for!

Silent stage is a performance with no objects to produce amplified sound in a site-specific space. This creates an intimate & personalized encounter, as you become the observer, in an experience that involves unconventional staging techniques!

Let the Drama Merchant bring theatre to you! 

Choose between crime, comedy, thrills or drama. 

Contact The Drama Merchant in the mean time for more info on how to bring theatre to your event or function.


SOUND SCENE - TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE            Cost: 45.65p.p.  Participants in Group: 22 

You and your team are given one hour to learn how to create sound effects to be included into an audio scene that only the conductor will be able to hear! 


This challenging and creative exercise will teach the importance of giving the correct cues and working together to bring the sound scene to life.

Included is a recording of scene, and photo/videography of workshop.

Sound scenes to choose from include:

Sound Scene 1:

A Martian fighting machine & thunder storm from a chapter of War of the Worlds

Sound Scene 2:

A steam train and collapsing bridge from a chapter of Around the World in 80 days

Sound Scene 3:

Pirates destroying the Ben Bow inn from a section the radioplay Treasure Island

Sound Scene 4:

A boxers & crowd in a boxing match heard over the radio.

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