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"...We were simultaneously flies on the wall bearing witness to this toxic setting, and yet still cognizant of our existence as spectators of a highly stylised performance. I was struck by how the performance space enhanced and augmented this sense of surveillance by having three walls lined with floor to ceiling mirrors."

- Kian Dillon, Anywhere fest reviewer


A Gold Coast actor - director created a niche for himself after realising that theatre doesn't have to be seen to be enjoyed, writes Brett Debritz.


"...With few happy endings and seemingly no justice, The 8 Reindeer Monologues is far from feel-good or festive, but the emotional commitment of the cast and close proximity of its performance space make this an engaging piece of immersive theatre."

- Elise Lawerence, Backstreet Brisbane

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"...The Radioplay Hour: The Coffin in Studio B really does offer something different, and that’s exactly what Anywhere Festival is about. Presented by a talented team that does their research and loves what they do, it’s fun, informative (I know much more about radioplays now!), and occasionally a little bit creepy."

- Jodie Sloan, The Sloan Ranger

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"...The Radioplay Hour is a set piece of The Drama Merchant and it would be wonderful to see more plays from their collection on the Sunshine Coast. If you are on the Gold Coast anytime, take the time to catch one of their shows…"

- Katherine Barnes, Anywhere Festival reviewer


"...The direction is impeccable (a great use of the space), the ‘off-stage’ Foley work superb (hats off to the hard-working front of house and voice artist!), and the tram is a perfect space for the show (complete with comfortable seats, suitable lighting, excellent acoustics, and movement!).  But the stars of the production are Dittmann and Schulz."

-  Catherine Lawrence, Creative Futures photography


"...If you didn’t catch this version of Dial M for Murder then I recommend you catch another of Nathan Schulz brilliant theatrical experiences in the future as there is really nothing quite like it."

- Edmund Bleakley, Hush Hush Biz


"...To give much more away would detract from the performance, but this is an expertly crafted production that will have you jumping out of your seat.
If you’re a fan of horror films and want something that feels a little more real, this is the show for you."

-  Alexis Buxton-Collins, Scenestr Adelaide