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Venus In Fur

"This play is a journey into the world of two people with sadomasochistic desires, conveyed over nearly two hours ofstrong adult drama spiced with a smattering of humour.Based on an 1870 story by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, from his novella Legacy of Cain, theatmosphere is both raunchy and bold!A two hander starring Dominic Bradley as the director auditioning actresses to appear in his rendition of the play andJenna Eve as the auditionee who becomes the dominatrix, scantily clad in black bra and pants, for most of theperformance, the show is staged around the performance space with minimal scenery and props, with the audienceremarkably close to the actors and therefore totally immersed in the intensity of the plot.As the pendulum swings between the two, so does the action with fast and wordy dialogue, both the charactersswitching from the present time to 19th century roles they are portraying, cleverly and effectively swapping accents.Venus In Fur is not everyone’s choice for a night at the theatre but for those brave enough to venture into the seedyworld of voyeurism, the experience is an eye-opener into a seldom seen facet of life.Director Nathan Schulz, through his production company The Drama Merchant, has succeeded in producing a fastpaced, interesting piece of theatre and I look forward to his next offering Peep."

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