Ladies Day at Javeenbah Theatre 

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Last night The Drama Merchant (and the soon to be Mrs. Merchant) went off to races, at Javeenbah Theatre, to watch the preview night performance of Ladies Day, written by Amanda Whittington and Directed by Dawn China.

The first show of Javeenbah's 2020 season is about 4 unlikely women deciding to take a day trip to the Royal Ascot, ticketless, until they find 4 grandstand tickets in a hand bag in the women's toilets!

If you live in Nerang, or just looking for a good night out in general, this comedy drama will deliver the goods. We found ourselves chuckling and laughing at characters who are only interested in meeting rich & handsome men, spilling suprising secrets, getting drunk, talking about the royal family, being sleazy and in the case of one character who is a jockey... fantasizing about food.

This comedy was also balanced out with moments drama that involve family issues, self doubt, debt, devotion and the want for love and closure.

The four female characters, played brilliantly by Virginia Leaves, Corinne Meunier, Michelle Macwhirter & Priya Das will keep your attention on the stage and waiting to see what they will say next.

Martin Jennings & Bob Allen, who play various & distinct roles between them are as equal in their performances as you watch the story about a group of women, who feel they deserve better unfold in Ladies day.

Season Runs January 10 to 25

Tickets can be purchased on or by calling 0755960 300

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