"Actually, it's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney

The Drama Merchant provides vacation care incursions which are immersive, interactive, creative, and engaging to entertain your students. So, tune into our program and prepare to listen, watch or interact with The Drama Merchant.

Best of all... we come to you! 

 "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." – Carl Sagan

Imagination takes us to realities that were never explored, and in the 1920 - 50's Radio plays were the number one form of entertainment. In this retro interactive performance workshop, a short one man show will performed before students get to play small roles, help out with sound effects or just be the studio audience, as they bring an episode of TREASURE ISLAND to life.

Ages 6 - 12+

Run Time: 60min

"The children absolutely loved the incursion and really enjoyed the dramatic play. The props really set the scene and inspired the children to participate. Some of our particularly drama-loving children really enjoyed having an outlet to express their creativity."-Assisi Catholic College Outside School Hours Care

"The look of wonder on the children’s faces was amazing to observe, they enjoyed the different sounds and have been heard creating their own sounds after the performance was over and days later. I felt Nathan’s performances really opened up their little minds to the wonders that are around them and to explore their imagination."

- Small World Child Care Centre

In this follow up to The Golden Age of Radio, The Drama Merchant & his Creative Companion will give participants 15 minutes to learn how to do some sound effects, before they perform one of The Radioplay Hour's audio adventures in 30 minutes.

This immersive and interactive workshop transports participants into an imaginary sound studio where, as a team, they will help the performance as it airs over the radio.

Ages 6 - 12+

Run Time: 45min

Minimum 10 - 20 participants per session

A Glimpse of Sound effects for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Bookings open for Term One Holidays

A Christmas Carol.png

Participant's help create the sounds of a Paddle Ship, Cannons, Giant Squids & a Whirlpool in Jules Verne's Classic underwater story, 

for April holidays

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Bookings open for Term Two Holidays

A Christmas Carol.png

Participant's help create the sounds of a Chains, Ghosts, Chimes & a Thunder Storm in Charles Dickens Classic Christmas Story for  June - July holidays.

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Bookings open for Term Three Holidays

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Participant's help create the sounds of Chaos, Airplanes, Explosions and a Giant Chicken Heart beating, as it destroys the world in this Early Halloween Tale

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