Venus In Fur

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About the show: 

Venus in Fur will be appearing in The Anywhere Festival for 5 shows only! If you missed the 3 shows in February at Motet Creative Studios, this is your chance to see it again, as The Drama Merchant and his cast embrace the Anywhere Festival’s premise of “Theatre anywhere but on a stage” and perform the show in three vastly different locations between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The play is inspired by the 1870 novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and is set present day involving a playwright and director who is casting actresses for his adaption of the book Venus in Fur and meets Wanda, who is auditioning for the role of Vanda Dunayev.

An audition takes place and as the two characters bounce lines off each other and discuss the play’s themes, the relationship between the two becomes ambiguous and blurred.

It is sexy, funny, thought-provoking and YES we are talking about BDSM.

But this is so much more than a kink story as the play is exceptionally multi-layered and raises many subjects, many of which are especially relevant in the world of today.

But don’t take our word for it, book a ticket via and make an opinion for yourself.

The following are Hub performance spaces, so why not see an extra show while your at it, visit for more information about other shows available.

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Arcana - The Moon Room - 9th May 430pm to 630pm

ARCANA is a unique, fully licenced warehouse space hosting receptions, events, workshops, concerts, parties, shows. Here, in The Moon Room, the Thomas meets Wanda and the audition takes place with you, the audience, as the empty auditionees chairs, witnessing the events unfold around you.

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Farrier Bar -14th & 15th May at 830pm to 1030pm, 16th May at 430pm to 630pm

Farrier is a secret underground bar and supper club found in the old horse stables underneath New Farm’s landmark historic Queens Arms Hotel. In this performance the location of a studio has been replaced by with this bar setting. Here Thomas has been holding his auditions in a bar, and you, the audience, are as the eyes of the walls and empty chairs of the bar.

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Venus 3 - Motet studios- image 2.jpg

Motet Creative Studios - 21st & 22nd  May 730pm to 945pm

These final two shows will take place in the surroundings of a music studio, where you, the audience will be the chairs in the empty studio as you watch the events unfold around you. Listen to some of the feedback from our February performance or click here to read a few blogs.