This is Don Dougherty, station manager and director of the radio series “The Radioplay Hour” for W.O.R in 1942.


Upon receiving his distress call from a cross-time radio frequency, via one of The Drama Merchant's old-time radio's, for a sound effect artist urgently needed for his shows, The Drama Merchant leapt for the chance to help!


And invites you to be part of the fun as well! 

A recording of Don Doughty


The Golden Age of Radio, otherwise known as G.A.R. is an imaginative, interactive, creative play workshop that can be performed at home, with some objects found around the house.

The videos are located at the bottom of this page.

All you need to do is find the objects on the scavenger list, around your house, then play the video and rehearse along with The Drama Merchant.

When your ready follow the prompts, during the old-time radio broadcast performance, to include your sound effects.

After watching the introduction, click on the button to find the list of items you need to make the sounds, then watch the videos below!

Scavenger Lists for past workshops