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Originally an entr'acte resulted from the stage curtains being closed for set or costume changes, and entertainment of some sort given to prevent the public from becoming restless. This page will employ this concept, in between The Radioplay Hour or a Live theatrical event, as they are being rehearsed & produced, offering some different kind of entertainment.

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In light of the challenges facing the creative arts with COVID19 for the foreseeable future, The Drama Merchant has decided to ask for contributions towards his online work. Pursing his passion for 22 years, by using his second income, to help cover expenses and build his business, has now been affected for the foreseeable future. A “pay - what - you - want” scenario has been adopted for online content only, via PayPal.

Online content will continue to be free, but your contributions will help to keep the website & content going.


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A trial / workshop in audio storytelling, these monologues were once written and performed by Bransby Williams are now performed by local community theatre actors, between Brisbane & Gold Coat. There are 12 monologues in total and they will be added to this collection over time. We begin with two - Mr Fagin's last night alive and Mr Squeers opens school . 

To listen, or watch, as our narrator, via a gramophone, tells the story of her cycling holidaying in France, a deserted chateau and a supernatural coat with a shadow performing live sound effects! 

This was presented as for a short season with the Anywhere Festival and UQ Theatre Festival, in May!


Miss Susan Tithinwither, president of the Society for the Prevention of Prize Fights attempts to make the listener realise what a sordid sport boxing really is whilst commenting on 7th Round battle between Butch Malarkey and Wildflower McGurk.


This sketch was written by Peter Dixon and originally aired on the Rudy Vallee Variety program, which was also known as The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. 

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The Radio Spin Show was created for no sensible reason, other than to give the author, and regular Radioplay Hour collaborator, D. A. Kennedy a bit of a giggle. It is a spoof on journalism featuring news, fake news, interviews, talk back, and a few other surprises along the way.


Supporting his work, and giving it a platform, The Drama Merchant is proud to help bring to this local work, as short podcasts, over the coming months, as he workshops the idea with D.A. Kennedy.

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