Tapping into a child's ability to play is the best way to educate and inspire! The following workshops/performances are aimed to entertain children, aged 3 and up.
They are fast paced, immersive, interactive, vibrantengaging & provide players & audience's a safe ground to watch, create & be self-expressive
"Whose suitcase, was it?" And… "What if...?"

This immersive & interactive workshop can be enjoyed by all

age groups, and inspires creativity & self-expression.


It starts with a hat box and an object that will unleash the “imagination” and be anything that person wants it to be.

The Drama Merchant will then reveal three mysterious

suitcases he found and will encourage participants to “act”

as if they have found them, take out 3 pieces, dress up and

show us who owned the suitcase and how it became lost.


Run Time: 45min workshop

"Watching the reactions from the children when they saw their friends dress up was priceless, the laughter and comments shared with them all made for a memorable experience.  I would defiantly recommend this performance to other child care centres, schools as we felt it was a really rewardable experience."  Tammie-Lee Harris, Director / Educator, Small World Child Care Centre

"Oh, the sounds we can make!"

In this fast paced interactive and immersive workshop, that will ignite creativity, creative thinking & Imagination, 

The Drama Merchant makes a wide variety of sounds that imitate objects, animals, the weather and scenes and participants will be invited to come up and try to make the sounds too.

At the end of the workshop The Drama Merchant will perform as a sound effect artist and actor to a 2 minute pre-recorded sound scene of Treasure Island. Transporting participates back to the time of radio plays which were the number one form of entertainment.

Run Time: 30min

"The look of wonder on the children’s faces was amazing to observe, they enjoyed the different sounds and have been heard creating their own sounds after the performance was over and days later.  I felt Nathan’s performances really opened up their little minds to the wonders that are around them and to explore their imagination." Tammie-Lee Harris, Director / Educator, Small World Child Care Centre

Storytelling & Sound effects

HEAR the voices, MAKE the sounds, PARTICIPATE in the story 

Storytelling is an active and in-the-moment activity that engages everyone's full imagination and creativity. A child's ability to learn through dynamic storytelling is one of the reasons story time is a big part of learning environments. 


Incorporating an interactive / creative play approach, this workshop will help to inspire listening skills, following instructionsimagination and creative thinking as participants listen to one of the audio stories below and follow The Drama Merchant's instructions as they add the appropriate sounds to help bring the story to life.

Run Time: 30min

In Mulga Bill's Bicycle, one of Banjo Patterson famous poems, participants will put the sounds to Mulga Bill's misadventure on his first bike ride.

Sound effects Include:

A bicycle, Horse feet, Doors, Bells, Kangaroo hopping,

Wombat digging, Falling, Swimming.

In this tale, participants will be asked to work together to create the sound of the little steam train that must pull another train over a high mountain while repeating its motto: "I-think-I-can". This story is used to teach children the value of optimism and hard work.

Sounds effects Include:

A Steam Train, Train Whistle, Elephant & Music boxes,