This is Charley Chase, a silent film actor who survived the transition to talkies… almost!


He appears on an antique television with no sound, from the 1950’s, through another cross time radio frequency attached to the t.v.     


Working together, Charley and The Drama Merchant are reliving the silent movie experience as a fun creative play exercise where you can put the words into Charlie’s mouth.  


A silent film was a movie with no recorded sound or dialogue, but often accompanied by live sounds and music. “Bad Dubbing … But great voice over!” utilises the silent film concept, and your recorded voice, to encourage players to make interesting vocal choices when it comes to text, along with our ability to change voices to show different emotions & feelings.  

The exercise requires two electronic devices, one for watching the video and a second with recording capabilities. Every 4 weeks a new emotion & script will appear for you to try out.

Just follow these steps to have some fun:

Step 1. Read & rehearse THE SCRIPT PDF, so you become familiar with it. The focus is on making sure your voice can be heard clearly with the emotion given on the website.

Step 2. Watch the rehearse & record video on a computer or pad. Like Karaoke say the words as they appear, pause when you don’t see them, and remember to put as much colour and emotion to them.

Step 3. When you’re ready to Record your voice on a phone app, follow the title cards and make sure the volume is up on the video, but not too high.

Step 4. Once you have finished click on Silent Film, follow the instructions, play your recording and listen / watch your voice over through (character’s name) performance. 

If you would like to test the memory try:

Step 5. Read the memory challenge script, follow the instructions & try out the Bonus challenge video!  


See if you can get the timing right, but don’t worry if you can’t, that’s half the fun! Just don’t forget to record your voice!

Rehearsal & Record video

Silent Film


Bonus Challenge

(Memory Test) 

*Note: This game (which is one of The Drama Merchant's favourites) was inspired by the activity "To Bean or Not to Bean" which can be found in DRAMA MENU: Theatre Games in Three Courses by Glyn Trefor-Jones.

This book is a great resource for drama classes! Some future games will be played here, on The Imaginasium, in their original form soon with thanks to the authors permission.

To find out more about Drama Menu visit their website or Facebook and Twitter pages.