Is it my cup of tea?

IS IT MY CUP OF TEA is based on the idioms “It’s my cup of Tea” & “Not my cup of Tea" to describe something you like & don’t like. Everybody has differing opinions, likes and dislikes, but if there is one thing everyone can agree upon is that people just want to be entertained!

I'm an avid movie lover use to enjoyed discussing films with various people and listening to differing points of views, when I uploaded my opinion on Facebook. Until one day I stopped doing it, realizing that I should redirect this energy towards my community, and the arts in general. The Gold Coast is full of creative individuals with stories to tell! It is also home to 32 theatre companies on the Gold Coast, who pour their hearts and souls into productions that can take up to 10 or more so weeks to put together, and sometimes on shoestring budgets!

Its here that this thriving community deserves good audiences, just as much as the local cinema does, and I wanted to find a way that I could influence & educate people to support the local creative arts scene.

The Drama Merchant is also a proud member of the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance.

Is it my cup of tea?

Hello and welcome to an episode of “Is it my Cup of Tea?” a podcast about theatre and creativity on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland. You’re welcome to grab yourself a cup and saucer, make yourself comfortable, and join me, as I interview the director of Gold Coast Little Theatre’s next show Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, to see if its your cup of tea?