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Descend into the stories of yesterday.

Into worlds of

Science Fiction,

the unknown,




Be prepared to listen to some

Astounding Stories. Vol 1.

Produced, Directed & Narrated by Nathan Schulz, with Music By Kevin MacLeod

Astounding Stories Vol 1 is a remarkable collection of science fiction, horror, and supernatural stories from the 1940s and 1950s.  Immerse yourself in the world of yesterday and explore the unknown with Nathan Schulz, The Drama Merchant, as he narrates tales of the fantastic.

This is pulp fiction at its finest, a must-have for any fan of classic science fiction.

From coffins becoming a global trend to an extra-terrestrial pet that is not what it seems, to interstellar revenge plots unfolding on our planet, we've got it all. Check out these free captivating stories from Astounding Stories Vol .1 as heard on The Radioplay Hour!

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Perfect for ages 8 - 12, you can rent this story for 24 hours for only $9, or download it for $18.00.


Immerse yourself in this captivating story and enjoy the visuals that come along with it! Enjoy Stellar Vengeance today.