Inspiring the imagination

This is proven by the fact that The Drama Merchant, formally known as Nathan Schulz presents, owes its origin to entering into the Brisbane Anywhere Festival in 2015, and taking to the festivals premise that "theatre can be performed in any space".

Since then intimate, immersive, interactive shows relying on location and the audiences imagination have been performed in Antique Stores, Basements, Sound studios, Garages, Haunted Houses, Cafes, Parks, Heritage Houses and even on board a 1960's Tram!

The Drama Merchant has also had sold out shows in the Melbourne & Adelaide Fringe Festivals in 2016 - 2017. 


In 2019 a new show called The Radioplay Hour has been performed in heritage locations, giving the audience a retro audio storytelling experience. In late 2018 The Drama Merchant became a OSHC provider with his creative play workshop: The Golden Age of Radio. 

Working with the changing times, due to the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020, Nathan has since been building up his online content of radio drama's, storytelling and oshc sound effect workshops, blogger, developed and produced a YouTube kid show that shows kids how to make sound effects at home called "Behind the Wireless, and working on intimate & immersive live theatre shows for 2021.

Inspiring self belief & creativity

Everybody is blessed with a vivid imagination! But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so does the bright imagination of a person pale if they cease to exercise it.


Since 2016 The Drama Merchant has been working with vacation care establishments, kindergartens and home-school communities in developing creative play classes/workshops, that work just like a gymnasium, with the aim to deliver and establish a creative, emotional and empowering experience using theatre & play.

"Watching the reactions from the children when they saw their friends dress up was priceless, the laughter and comments shared with them all made for a memorable experience.  I would defiantly recommend this performance to other child care centres, schools as we felt it was a really rewardable experience."  

Tammie-Lee Harris, Director / Educator, Small World Child Care Centre

The Radioplay Hour: Pinnochio

December 21, 22, 23