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Just as the physical site & location helps to play an important visual part to a live performance, a Drama Merchant audio production is site specific to the human ear in order to inspire the imagination by listening.

Our Story

Although Radioplays and Audiobooks are not viewed as a form of a modern-day "theatrical" experience, they are however an offshoot of a tradition which has had a significant impact to the culture through time… oral storytelling.


In an overpopulated market The Drama Merchant aims to recreate the feel of an old-time programs & storytelling right down to creating his own sound effects. Music involved in these audio productions are created by Kevin McLeod and used under creative commons license. You can find his music by clicking here

We know and understand that you can listen to audio files for free on Spotify and other listening services. But by paying a small fee to listen to an audio production, or purchasing an audiobook, before it becomes free to listen too after 10 weeks with advertising, allows The Drama Merchant finances to pay purchase the music heard in these shows and fund future audio and live productions.

Current Radioplay

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Audio books

Whether you’re always on the go or you just prefer listening to reading, audiobooks can be a great way to bring more books into your life. Here The Drama Merchant personally reads to you texts found in the public domain and adds his own special effects to it. All music heard in these audiobooks are by Kevin McLeod, via creative commons license, and can found here.




For each purchase I am able to raise funds to purchase the music heard in some episodes..

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